The Best At-Home STD Test Kits

Syphillis-test-kit-in-las-vegas-nvWhen it comes to the prevention of spreading STDs and STIs, regular testing is key. The more people who are getting tested regularly, the fewer STDs and STIs will be spread. With STD and STI rates on the rise, STD testing has evolved to make it easier than ever before for people to get tested. At-home STD test kits are readily accessible and available from numerous online lab companies. If you are considering ordering an at-home STD test kit, consider ordering one of the best at home STD test kits.

STD Test Kits

STD test kits are easily ordered online and are delivered right to your door in a discreet envelope. Most will require a urine or blood-prick sample to be mailed back to the lab for testing. Within a matter of days, you will receive your results electronically. The test kit will include simple instructions on collecting and storing your sample and these should be followed precisely. Once you have received your results, you can decide how to proceed from there. If you have tested positive, you will need to seek the help of a medical doctor to discuss a treatment plan.

The best At-Home STD Test Kits

Just like anything you order online, you want to do your due diligence beforehand to ensure you are getting a kit from a reputable and trustworthy company with lab-certified results. Test kits from companies like Everywell, myLAB, and PlushCare have high accuracy rates, and that is something you will want to check when deciding which company to order from. Accuracy rates should be clearly listed on the site, and if they are not there, find another company that has theirs clearly listed. You will also want to make sure that the test kit you are ordering tests for what you are concerned about. If you are exhibiting HIV symptoms, for example, make sure your test kit tests for HIV as many test kits are STD- or STI-specific.

What Medical Doctors Say

When it comes to at-home STD testing, there are mixed reviews. Most doctors will say that any kind of testing is better than none. However, they will also point out that if you are exhibiting symptoms and that is why you are using an at-home test, you will likely have to go in to see a doctor anyway. Positive STD or STI results will always require a visit to the doctor. Doctors also point out that many of the at-home tests require urine samples, which can yield reliable results, but blood samples collected by a medical professional and reviewed by a medical doctor are still the most reliable means of diagnosis.

If you are considering at-home STD testing, be sure to do your research and order from a reputable lab company with high accuracy results.