The Rise Of At-Home STD Testing

With the alarming increase in rates of STIs and STDs worldwide, STD testing has evolvedUrine_Test-process-s340x227 to become more accessible. At-home STD testing is a relatively new development in the medical industry, but if it is something that makes more people get tested, it can have positive results. With numerous online labs offering at-home STD testing at affordable prices and convenient processes, people who should be getting regularly tested for STDs and STIs can do so without fear of going into a doctor’s office.

At-Home Test Kits

As the world becomes more and more digitized, it is no surprise that at-home medical testing has become a thing. Every day, more and more people turn to the Internet for answers. There are numerous lab sites online that offer at-home test kits, and this is how many individuals come to consider at-home STD test kits. They are simple to order and delivered straight to your residence in a discreet envelope. They come complete with instructions and sample collection containers. Most demand a simple urine, saliva, or blood-prick sample. Once the sample is mailed back to the lab, the results are sent to you electronically within a matter of days. Once you have the results, you can decide how to proceed. If you have tested positive, it is crucial that you go in to see a doctor for further testing and the discussion of a treatment plan. If you are negative, the relief you will feel at having found out the information without having to go in to see a doctor will be more than worth what you paid for the test kit.

Who Should Be Tested

When it comes to regular STD testing, anyone who is sexually active with more than one partner has unprotected sex, or has sex with multiple partners should undergo regular testing to stay safe. This is not just important for you, but also crucial in the fight against the spread of STDs and STIs. Many of the diseases and infections carry no symptoms, so even if you are not feeling sick or showing any signs of being infected, that doesn’t mean you are not carrying and spreading something. Think of every sexual partner you have, and every sexual partner they have, and so on, and so on, unknowingly coming in contact with an STD or STI that you were the initial carrier of unaware.

When it comes to STDs and STIs, practicing safe sex is a must. Abstinence is, of course, the best way to avoid infection. But for those entering into a sexual relationship, remember to always use condoms, even with oral, and don’t be afraid to ask a potential sexual partner to get tested before you consider sexual intercourse with them. If you are in the risk category for STDs, consider ordering an at-home STD testing kit today.